Oil and Gas Development & Canola Crop Marketing

Gendis owns 1,586,000 shares in privately held Osum Oil Sands Corp. and made its initial investment in 2006. Osum is based in Alberta and is involved in SAGD (steam assisted gravity drainage) technology used for extracting oil from the oil sands. Osum also recently purchased significant production assets from a large Canadian operator and is now a commercial producer as a result.
Gendis invested in Oak Point Energy Ltd. in 2012 and holds 1 million shares in the company. Oak Point is a private Alberta based energy and facility design company that combines access to exceptional oil resources with a unique, proprietary modular SAGD facility technology that is designed to be less invasive to the surrounding environment.   Gendis invested in San Angelo Oil Limited in 2014 and now holds 250,000 shares in the TSX Venture–listed company. San Angelo is a start-up Canadian oil company focusing on horizontal development of conventional sand reservoirs in north central Texas.
Gendis invested in Input Capital in 2012 and holds 1 million shares in the business which bills itself as the world’s first commodity streaming agriculture company specializing in canola. Input Capital provides upfront financing to canola farmers in exchange for a future share of their crop which is then sold on global markets. In 2015 Input Capital announced that it may consider soybeans as a secondary crop for its unique business model.